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Journeys with Joe


Travel Kit items are listed below.


Always pack your own aspirin, since in many countries common over-the-counter products in the U.S. need to be purchased at a pharmacy, where sometimes it can be more expensive.

Also, purchase sunscreen and mosquito spray at home, where it will be a lot cheaper!

Solids rather than Liquids; which have a TSA limit of 3 oz..
There are suntan sticks and laundry sheets available!

Note: always carry additional medication in case you get stranded!


I’ll only speak for men concerning this subject.

I know for women it’s a whole different story!

The following list are items you need from waking up until heading home.

If carrying on your flight; you need to follow the TSA rules of 3 ounce bottles, in a 1 quart-sized storage bag, with 1 bag per passenger allowed (“311”).

And see the Medical page for a list of other subjects.


Melatonin Supplements.
Earplugs: SilentEar (NR32- decibels) had 3 packs costing $15.95, in clear or orange.
Alarm: clock or app on smartphone and/or tablet.

Lubricating Drops, with Redness Relief. Very handy when the dust flies.

Saline Spray for dust. Flonase or similar for allergies.

Floss: MacGyver knows how to use it for many things!
Toothbrush and Paste: for extreme space savers, cut the handle off.

Flip Flops to prevent athletes foot.
Bath Mat: cut off a small part to use for your safety.
Hair: Shampoo and Conditioner: all-in-one to save space. Comb.
Soap: liquid is also good for washing synthetic clothes in the sink.

Q-Tips: I just need to have them!

Cream: could use soap to save space.
Razor: always carry two; just in case you dull one of them in your kit.

Moisturizer; yeah; guys also use it.
Baby Powder; travel size for those wet spots.
Rashes; Cortaid, Foot/Jock- Lotrimin.
Sunscreen: UVA/ UVB 30 or 50 SPF; purchase at home, because it’s usually expensive to purchase on vacation. Only good for 2 years.
Sunburn: Aloe Vera lotion.

Insect Repellant
Always on top of the sunscreen.
DEET or Permethrin; expires in 5 years.
Malaria; Lariam or Malarone prescription. See Medical page.
Bites: Cortaid- ointment, or Sawyer.

Deodorant; travel size to save space. Cologne; the small samples from department stores save space.

Antihistamine; Diphenhydramine HCI 25 mg. “Allegra, Benadryl or Claritin”.

Skin: Purell, etc.
Surface: wipes and/or UV-C light.
Water: iodine tablets, UV-C light- SteriPen, water filter- many are built into bottles.

Motion Sickness
Acupressure (Wrist) Bands, Lemon Drops, Brandy/Port, Bonine, Dramamine, and prescription Transderm SCOP patches.

Pepto Bismol tablets. Anti-acid; Pepcid AC tablets. Diarrhea; Imodium Advanced.

Aspirin, Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen. Icy Hot cream.

Cold or Flu
NyQuil, and many others.

Nail Clippers and File.

Clothes Washing
Sink Stopper Plug and Nylon Rope: so you can wash those synthetic clothes I’ve been telling you about; and then hang them.

Toilet Paper or Napkins
Because these are not always found on the road; or even in restrooms!

Minimal kit of Disinfectant, and Band-Aids. Antibiotic; Bacitracin, Polysporin, and Neosporin.

Journeys with Joe Travel Kit

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