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Lonely Planet Festival and Events:; has all you need to know.

Lonely Planet Quirky Art and Cultural Festivals in the USA:;

“50 Festivals To Blow Your Mind” 1st Edition May 2017 by Lonely Planet.

Below are some that I find interesting.



Carnival: New Orleans, Trinidad (oldest?), Rio, and Cologne Germany.
Equinoxes: Spring and Winter.



Portland, Oregon: Tilikum Crossing lights up according to a program based on the speed and river water temperature.

Niagara Falls: with LED lights to light it up; especially red and white on Canada Day (July1), and red, white and blue on the Fourth of July.

Vivid Sydney: a free three-week annual festival from May 25 to June 16, 2018; that lights up the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Opera House and several neighborhoods.

Lantern Festivals
The Lantern Fest:;
Water Lantern Festival:; provide music, food and a lantern to launch.


Guy Fawkes Day: November 5th; Owsley in…, UK, tar barrels.
Ash Wednesday: Ashbourne, England; “Up’ards and Down’ards” soccer match across three miles, held since the 17th century.
Battle of Hastings: August 14, 1066, Saxons vs. Normans.


Oktoberfest: September in Munich!


Las Fallas: Valencia, Spain; Paper Mache burning in March.
Moors vs. Christians in 1276: Acoy, Spain, in April.
Easter: Semana Santa, Seville, Spain.
La Tomatina: in August, at Buhol, Spain.


Fete du Citron “lemons”: Menton, France.


January 13: Julian calendar’s New Year’s Eve; Ukrainian Melanka folk holiday, where men in masks and costumes travel from house to house and play jokes on whoever answers the door.


The Haydn Festival in Vienna, where concerts are performed all day and night…

The Elfstedentocht festival in the Netherlands, during which residents attempt to skate a 124-mile course over the frozen canals connecting 11 towns…

The cat parade in Ypres, Belgium, when locals dress as cats and parade through the streets in celebration of an old myth about feline powers…

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