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Journeys with Joe


For Travel

In General

If you’re only traveling for a week or less; or will have access to a washer, wear whatever.

If on-the-road for a while, motorcoaching, rving, hosteling, hiking, backpacking, or camping; remember cotton gets wet and stays wet.

“Kotton Kills” is a mountain slogan about hypothermia; a medical emergency, where one loses body heat to under 95°F (35°C) due to being cold and/or wet.

I always recommend synthetic fabrics over natural fabrics because of their wicking (breathe-ability) and cleaning properties.

First; synthetic fabrics wick body moisture away from your skin, keeping you warm and dry.

Second; you can wash synthetic fabrics and have them dry very, very quickly; where cotton might not ever dry.

Synthetics also smell better after heavy, or prolonged use.

One drawback of synthetics is their costs; which are usually more expensive than cotton, wool and rubber.

Use synthetics; and have one pair of cotton jeans and a t-shirt for comfort once resting.

On your flight wear one of your outfits: Backpacking, Walking or Dress outfit, to conserve space.

Base Layer

There is a lot of amazing underwear that are synthetic; and feel as soft as cotton nowadays.

Believe me; that wasn’t the case twenty years ago!

I always bring a bottle of Sea to Summit:; Trek & Travel Laundry Wash with me, to wash clothes in a sink, when on the road for extended lengths of time.

I also have a travel clothesline that can be strung up in a shower stall, room or balcony.
REI:; and Sea to Summit:; sell versions of them.

Second Layer

Fleece is another synthetic fabric, which wicks body moisture away from your skin, keeping you warm and dry.

Again, you can wash this synthetic fabric and have it dry very quickly, where cotton might not ever dry.

Wind-stopper Fleece is for those who are always cold from drafts.
NOTE: it doesn’t breathe as much as regular Fleece (100, 200 or 300 weight), which can make you feel clammy or sweaty.

Waterproof Layer

Gore-Tex, Hyvent (North Face), H2No (Patagonia), nylon or other material.

I highly recommend Gore-Tex Active 2.0, XCR or PacLite as your waterproof layer; because these fabrics really breathe. (they don’t leave you clammy or sweaty inside)..
The Active 2.0, XCR and PacLite versions of Gore-Tex are lighter, softer and breathe better than the other older versions of Gore-Tex; 2-ply and 3-ply.


A16: in southern California.


Tommy John:; underwear and more. “No Adjustment Needed”



1830: a man named John opens up a woolen mill in Plum Run, Pennsylvania.
Making woolen textiles, socks, coverlets and yarn; and traveling around in a mule cart selling his goods.

Later; he’d make woolen blankets and clothing for every major U.S. war starting with the Civil War.

And the buffalo check shirt!

Now; 187 years after its founding, Woolrich stands as America’s oldest outdoor gear brand.

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