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Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

When I caught the tour directing bug!

Tour guide: Welcome, everyone. I’m your dam tour guide, Arnie. I’m about to take you through at fully functional power plant. So please, no one wander off the dam tour, and feel free to take all the dam pictures you want. Now, are there any dam questions?
Clark: Where in the hell is the damn dam tour?
– From Vegas Vacation (1997)

Individual tour guides will be listed in each country; or regions or cities within a country.

Below are websites that allow local tour guides to register their services.


National Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (NFTGA):;

National Association of Tour Directors & Guides (IATDG):;

International Tour Management Institute (ITMI):; “The Premier Training Institute for Tour & Travel Professionals Since 1976”.


Bubble Globe: ; “Live experiences offered by locals. Book more than 300 authentic activities from local insiders.”

Meetrip:; “Book tourist guides all over the world”.
WARNING the site listed above is not secure. So, I will not provide a clickable link to it. It is here for informational purposes.

ToursByLocals:; “Connecting travelers with local guides. Worldwide. Since 2008.”

Discover and book unique experiences offered by local insiders.”


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