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Journeys with Joe



Haunted Houses:;


South Dakota: Rapid City; Alex Johnson Hotel- room 304: Alex’s daughter, 305: Alex, 804: Closet, 812: bride, 9 and 10th floor crawlspace hears growling. Basement Barber Shop smells. I was given room 305 once and I turned it down. Yes, I’m a big chicken!

Nevada: Virginia City; Mackay Manson- girls, “shadowman”, room 111.

New Mexico: Cimarron; St. James Hotel- especially TJ’s room 18.

Colorado: Estes Park; The Stanley Hotel is where Steven King got the inspiration for The Shining! “Red Rum”

Oklahoma: Guthrie; Stone Lion Inn, with Mr. Elmer McCurdy buried there. His mummified remains were used in an amusement park in Long Beach, CA.


The Queen Mary: docked in Long Beach, CA since 1967; stateroom B340 has been investigated by TV shows “Ghost Hunters” and “Most Haunted”. One can rent it starting at $499 per night; and a chest in it has a Ouija board (always close the portal and session!), crystal ball and ghost-hunting equipment.
Urban Commons is the real estate firm that operates the ship on a 66-year lease from the city of Long Beach, which owns the ship and the adjacent land (and might get a $250-million entertainment complex).
An engineering report warns that the ship needs $5.7 million in fixes and requires a total of $289 million in repairs over the next five years. (4/14/18)



Journeys with Joe Haunted Hotels

Saloons/ Bars

Goodsprings, Nevada: Pioneer Saloon- Ruby in the bathroom. “Do you know you’re dead?” “Yeah!”

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