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Cruise Host

Airports: Vancouver, Sea-Tac, San Francisco, Oakland, Burbank, Los Angeles, Long Beach, John Wayne, and San Diego. Familiar with all listed; and have worked arrivals and departures from all but Vancouver and Sea-Tac.

Pre-Departure: Familiarization- Ship Diagrams, and Deck Charts. Itinerary- Sailing Schedule, Ports of Call and Excursion Tours. Documents- Booking and Independent. Handouts/ Letters.

Embarkation: Arrive Early, Meet- Purser/ Assistant Purser/ Group Coordinator, Maitre’d, Bar Manager, Cruise Director/ Host/ Hostess Staff, Shore Excursion Officer/ Ship’s Photographer, Doctor/ Nurse.

First Day: Review- Food, Maitre’d issues, cruise staff introductions, Lifeboat Drills (Muster Station), port talks.

Initial Briefing: Introductions, Questions, Passenger’s Responsibilities, Communications, Health, Safety, Ship Layout, Money/ Credit, Activities, Exercise, Shopping, Gambling, Entertainment, Parties, and Amenities.

Shore Excursion Briefing: Highlights, Length, Weather, Dress, Tips, Group Buys, Policies.

Dining: Dress, Seating, Wine, Special Orders/ Preparations, and Gratuities/ Tips.

Pre- Disembarkation: Evaluation Forms.

Final Disembarkation: Party, Briefings, Tipping Guidelines, Flights, Air/ Sea Envelopes, Baggage, Passports/ Immigration, Disembarkation Announcement, Lounge, Airport Transfers/ Taxis, Thank You.

Yeah, I know, a lot of work!

Journeys with Joe Cruise Host

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