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Oops! Cruise Ship Test Fails!

Norwegian cruise ship line Hurtigruten halts all trips and apologizes for procedural errors.

After at least five passengers and 36 crew members are infected with coronavirus on one ship.

They were one of the first cruise line to resume sailing with a single ship in June.

Procedures? How do you stop people from breathing on each other.

This is the primary way this awful disease spreads.

For full disclosure, I am out of work until this pandemic is under some control; since I’m a tour director on motor-coaches throughout the USA for 7 months out of the year.

I do not see anyway jet travel, mass transit, hotels, restaurants, bars, bus tours, museums, sites … become safer until there are N95 masks worn everywhere (need massive production), 15 minute tests (massive production), treatments available everywhere (massive production), tracing for those who were exposed (app for Apple and one for Android; screw your rights, they already know where you’ve been), and hopefully a vaccine (massive production; with more than 60% of the world’s population getting it).

Yes you read that last part correctly.
Epidemiologists (science, experts, not politicians) state this number frequently.

The sad part is; if there were enough N95 masks available for the 8 billion people on this planet, and if we wore them when in contact with another person everyday for 3 weeks (I’ve used the same one for 4 months now; sanitizing with sunlight), this disease would almost die out.

Take care people.

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