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GermFalcon Will Fly!

Orthopedic surgeon Arthur Kreitenberg’s invention is taking off with help from Honeywell International.

It’s a beverage cart equipped with two mechanical arms (wings) containing UV lights; that can be spread out over a plane’s seats, while pushing it down the aisle, to disinfect them.

I’m a big fan of UV light to kill germs on surfaces; having used a UV wand since 2013 to disinfect cell phones, notebook keypads and remote controls. Things that you can’t use liquids on.

Honeywell is marketing it as the “Honeywell UV Cabin System”.
I like GermFalcon!

The son is also running the company; and they plan on a “UV Hammer” to be used in bus and train stations, and classrooms.

Fly GermFalcon fly!

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