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Journeys with Joe

Pay and Free Cruise Ship Crews!

Thousands of crew members are still trapped (imprisoned) aboard dozens of cruise ships around the world.

With 20 ships in US waters.

The Coast Guard said Friday that there were 70,000 crew members in 102 ships either anchored near or at US ports or underway in US waters.

Complicating the travesty are the CDC and other countries’ rules for disembarking crews.
“Cruise companies must take each crew member straight home via charter plane or private car without using rental vehicles or taxis”.
The CDC also requires company executives to agree to criminal penalties if crew members fail to obey health authorities’ orders to steer clear of public transportation and restaurants on their way home.
And company executives actually signed on!
I guess they really want the possible bailout money.

Uber just started requiring drivers and passengers to wear masks.
What, they can’t eat until they get home?

Also, many have had their work contracts expire, and aren’t being paid anymore.

Amazing, and the cruise lines want to start up business again soon.

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