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I Still Stand By My Previous Post!

When near ANY other person, at less than six feet, the best defense against COVID-19 is wearing a mask.

Then, by using hand sanitizer, and especially washing your hands with HOT water and soap for 20 seconds.

Yes, I know that in the USA we are running out of them; especially for our healthcare workers.

And those in charge say that the general public doesn’t need them. (Ask anyone in China what they think about that statement! Google the Chinese expert in Italy scolding them about it.)

But facts and logic says otherwise.

Here in California many of us had a supply in case of an earthquake.

To avoid inhaling contaminants when digging people out of rubble.

Stay Away from EVERYONE, even the store clerk, and help everyone Stay Alive.

Act if YOU and everyone else already has it.

May Jesus, Allah, Buddha and all the other gods bless you!

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