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Masks Are The Best Defense For Coronavirus!

And to prevent many, many other diseases.

N95 ones are better than others. Respirators even better.

The coronavirus is a respiratory virus; like the SARS and MERS ones, that is extremely dangerous because of the high transmission and fatality rate.

It  “jumped” from animals to humans at a Wuhan, China market that sold bats, cats, marmots and other wild animals.

Maybe it’s the animals getting even with us!

Case are now confirmed in China, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and the US.

Symptoms include fever, cough, and difficulty breathing; and then maybe pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome, kidney failure and death.

This is serious folks!

Many airports are monitoring passengers; especially with this weekends Chinese New Year travels. “Year of the Rat”!

Please see the CDC feed at the bottom right of this website for more information.

Travel safely!!!

One thought on “Masks Are The Best Defense For Coronavirus!

  1. Joe Miscavage Post author

    First is avoidance. Staying home!

    Also, washing your hands and NOT touching your face, eyes, and mouth.
    Which studies have shown is almost impossible.

    We’ll see…

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