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My name is Joseph Miscavage; a Travel Consultant and Tour Director, wishing to share some of the knowledge gained from 38 years of worldwide travel.

I use the term “journey” for a specific reason; using the second definition found in one dictionary:
jour·ney [júrnee] noun (plural jour·neys) Oxford Dictionaries definition

1. trip somewhere: a trip or expedition from one place to another.
2. process of development: a gradual passing from one state to another regarded as more advanced, for example, from innocence to mature awareness • a spiritual journey.

Travel state… travel awareness… spiritual travel.

Because I believe travel should be a spiritual journey, not just the checking off of an item on one’s list.

I’ll try to cut through the fluff and the excessive verbiage found in some blogs, websites, magazines and guidebooks; to bring you concise, detailed information that you can use to inspire, plan and accomplish your journeys.

Please use the main menu to:

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Wows in travel; with Top Tens, Photos, Stories and more to come.
FAQs Frequently Asked Questions.
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I hope you find the site informative and inspirational!

With best regards (awrabest when in Scotland),

Joseph C. Miscavage

“To travel. An intransitive verb.
A state of being, not a journey to a destination.”
-Jonathan Raban, Coasting

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